Any software obtained by downloading through the Tatung USA website should be used pursuant to the stipulation of the letter of authorization attached to or provided by said software. Unless agreeing to accept the letter of authorization of the software ahead of time, you may not be permitted to download or set up the software. Some of the software packaged in the system may differ from the version possessed by the retailer and may not contain the operation handbook or parts of the functional program.

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Available Download for All Product Categories

Product File Upload Date File Type File Title Model Download
Ricecooker 2016/08/15 User Manual TLM-0801 User Manual.pdf TLM-0801
Ricecooker 2018/03/08 Brochure LCD LED Monitors Family Brochure.pdf TME86
Ricecooker 2018/02/21 Brochure 4K Display Brochure.pdf TME86
Ricecooker 2017/10/11 Brochure TLM-2601PVM Brochure.pdf TLM-2601PVM
Ricecooker 2016/03/01 Air Conditioner R-091DYGN User Manual (English).pdf FT-091DYGN (Indoor Unit) / R-091DYGN (Outdoor Unit)
Ricecooker 2016/03/01 Air Conditioner R-091DYGN Brochure.pdf FT-091DYGN (Indoor Unit) / R-091DYGN (Outdoor Unit)
Ricecooker 2016/02/26 User Manual TOT-F1300U User Manual (English).pdf TOT-F1300U
Ricecooker 2016/08/11 Recipe Book Air Fryer Recipe Book (English).pdf TOT-F1300U
Ricecooker 2017/12/11 Recipe Book Air Fryer TOT-F1300U Recipe Book (Chinese).pdf TOT-F1300U
Ricecooker 2017/10/30 User Manual TAF-44V-BL User Manual.pdf TAF-44V-BL