Simplify meal preparation with the TATUNG TAC-S02 3-piece Stainless Steel Steamer Set. This set comes with one set of two-layer stainless steel trays and one stainless steel lid. The double tier design lets you steam different food items at the same time, such as vegetables, seafood, meat, poultry, etc. It can also be stored into one layer for space saving purpose.

Made of durable stainless steel, it's easy to clean and retains its luster over time.

Note: This steamer set is only compatible with selected TATUNG 10-Cup & 11-Cup Multi-Functional Cookers. To use the steamer set with Tatung 11-Cup Stainless Steel Multi-Functional Cookers you will need to purchase a 6-Cup Stainless Steel Inner Pot (INPT-6S)

10-Cup Models: TAC-10G(SF), TAC-10GS-PH, TAC-10GS-CP
11-Cup Models: TAC11L(H)-UL, TAC-11T(H)-UL
11-Cup Stainless Steel Models: TAC-11KN(UL), TAC-11QN, TAC-11B-UL





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3.10 lbs

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12.5" x 12.625" x 4.125"

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