The Tatung Fusion Cooker combines a skillet and a waterless pot into one appliance. It allows individuals to prepare complete meals with a minimum of equipment and effort.
• A three-liter waterless pot cooks food without the use of additional water; natural juices from the cooking foods steam heating.
• A nine inch skillet allows for frying, grilling, sautéing and more.
• An airtight lid fits tightly, helping to trap moisture that cooks the foods more quickly.
• An additional glass lid provided with the cooker allows the user to keep an eye on foods cooking when using the waterless pot; perfect for making shabu shabu/hot pot.
Both the pot and grill are lined with an advanced non-stick coating to prevent foods from sticking to the surfaces as they cook. An added benefit of the Fusion Cooker is that it is energy-efficient and takes up very little counter space when in use. Easy user controls and built-in safety features will make it a great addition to the home kitchen.

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Model No



120 V ~ 60 Hz

Power Consumption

800 Watts


14.33 lbs


9" Grill
2.8 Qt Waterless Pot

Product Dimension (W x D x H)

11.02" x 10.28" x 11.06"

Note Specifications subject to change without notice

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