• Grill Pan and Waterless Pot

Black Pepper Beef Steak 黑胡椒牛排

Total time25 min
Prep5 min
Cook20 min
Made With Fusion Cooker (Model #TSB-3016EA)


    • 1 piece of sirloin steak (about 4.59 oz, 1-2 cm thick)

    • Minced garlic, ground black pepper, broth, soy sauce, sugar to taste

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    • 沙朗牛排1塊 (約 130 g、1-2 公分厚)

    • 蒜末,黑胡椒,高湯,醬油,糖適量


1. Defrost beef steak.
2. Select GRILL mode at 445°F and preheat for 4 minutes.
3. Grill the steak, 2 minutes at each side. Take the steak out from grilling pan to remove any residual blood for 5 minutes.
4. Place the steak on the grilling pan again to continue grilling. 1 minute at each side.
5. Remove the steak from grilling pan to a warm plate, leaving the steak juice behind in the pan.
6. In the same grilling pan, add minced garlic, ground black pepper, soy sauce, and broth. Stir until it's all smooth.
1. 將牛排解凍。
2. 選擇 GRILL 模式,溫度 445°F,預熱 4 分鐘。
3. 放入牛排後,雙面各煎 2 分鐘後,取出靜置 5 分鐘讓多餘血水滲出。
4. 再放入煎烤盤,雙面各煎 1 分鐘取出盛盤。
5. 利用牛排的肉汁炒蒜末及黑胡椒,再到入醬油、高湯、糖,煮到收乾即可。