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Gaming / Kiosk Displays

Tatung Company of America is specialized in product development for game video and display related products. The company's in-depth understanding of gaming industry requirements–including agency approvals, test requirements, ESD & EMI testing, and safety concerns–has given it the ability to address the growing demand for high-end gaming and display systems. The company's line of LED and LCD monitors have been developed in conjunction with major panel manufacturers, which are Tatung Company of America main suppliers of high-end LED panels.

Our technical expertise and innovation have given birth to a range of state-of-the-art gaming displays that exceed the high standards established in the gaming market. Already one of the most renowned and most respected manufacturers of consumer, commercial, and industrial application-focused products and tech-solutions in the world, the company broke new ground with the introduction of its world-class line of high-quality gaming displays.

Here are some of the most noteworthy features of Tatung Company of America line of gaming display solutions:
Concave touch display
UHD display
High-brightness feature
Monitors resize capability
Touchscreen functionality
Protective glass

Home & Small Kitchen Appliances

Hotel Amenities



Video Surveillance Displays

65"-86" 4K Displays

Tatung Company of America, Inc. leads the way with innovation and technology advances in the field of electronics for consumer and business needs. We are a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of touch electronic devices for home or office like touch screen monitors, digital whiteboards, home and kitchen appliances, and interactive digital solutions. Our products are suitable for use in home entertainment systems, gaming, Point of Sale, and computer applications. Tatung Company of America, Inc. based in Long Beach, California, where we provide the electronics and PC industries a full range of manufacturing services and solutions.

Our electronic devices can be found in a wide variety of home and business applications such as:
• Restaurants
• Casinos/Gaming Facilities
• Retail Point of Sale
• Home Entertainment
• Residential Kitchens
• Hotels and Lodging
• Classrooms
• Security Systems
• Office and Conference Environments

Our company is driven to bring revolutionary functionality and real-world innovation into every product we manufacture. Our monitors and interactive whiteboards feature advances like multi touch screens where more than one user can input information at a time. The versatile LCD and LED displays work through capacitive and Surface Acoustic Wave technologies for the ultimate in precision and control. Our electronic solutions can work in many operating environments across a range of temperatures and humidity conditions, making them ideal anywhere critical business activities are conducted.

Our monitors are packed with features that make them easy to use, easy to view, and rugged enough for critical applications. Tatung USA incorporates many technological advances into our products, such as:
• We boast some of the best viewing angles in the touchscreen industry, with up to 160 degree viewing side-to-side up-or-down, depending on model.
• Fast response times of as little as 6 ms mean that our monitors respond to every touch accurately and quickly. 10ms response times in our interactive whiteboards present inputs quickly and precisely.
• Active Matrix TFT LCD panels in our monitors offer unrivaled clarity and brightness, making them simple to view in low light conditions like restaurants or darkened rooms in the home.
• VESA standard wall/ceiling mounts let our touchscreen panels and whiteboards be mounted anywhere they are needed.

Tatung USA manufactures some of the very best collaborative tools available on the electronics market. Our interactive whiteboards offer the perfect solution for classroom and conference environments, bringing teams together to share, make notes, and present detailed information on crisp, vivid displays.

Among our many product categories are consumer houseware electronics that make life at home easier and more efficient. We also specialize in lodging amenities to help organize belongings hotel rooms while making guest stays there more comfortable. Our gaming monitors can be found in some of the largest gaming establishments in the world, providing unrivaled clarity and vision to the security of these facilities.

Tatung USA does not stop at manufacturing. We are committed to lending our support for the lifespan of every product we make. Our exclusive warranty and repair services stand out from the competition. Our highly competent service team ensures that customer products are repaired quickly and accurately. We even offer customizable third party warranty work, where the consumer ships defective products directly to our repair facility. We handle all aspects of the logistics involved, saving our partners' time and frustration. Tatung Company of America, Inc. can also provide ongoing product support and out-of-warranty repairs for our electronics and consumer goods. Defective items will be repaired or refurbished to current engineering standards wherever possible.